Learned vs Learnt: Another Americas vs the rest of the world

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While setting up this blog, I went with "learnt" but a little casual browsing yielded me the fact that a majority of the internet uses "learned".

Another Americas vs the Rest of the World

This, among the many other differences, is due to spelling differences between British English and American English.

This reminded me of my school days when I was beginning to learn to code HTML and was startled by "color" and "dialog". Since Indian English borrows heavily from the Brits, (though we still have some words from the Americas), those words startled me -- is there a mistake in the books?

Fast forward 10 years: I still encounter spelling and pronunciation differences -- "cancelled" vs "canceled", "learnt" vs "learned".

Some of the "context-switches" such as "color" while writing in code by "colour" elsewhere have become muscle memory, some still warrant carefulness about the audience -- "cancelled" vs "canceled" is such an example. I remember politely contesting a PR that asked for such a change -- I was just too used to cancel all uses of "canceled".

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